Breakdown Meaning In Hindi | Breakdown Synonyms - Antonyms With Meaning and Example

Breakdown Meaning in Hindi

Breakdown meaning in hindi : "खराबी" (Kharabi)

Breakdown Meaning in English

Breakdown meaning in english : "A failure or disruption; a state of being inoperable or dysfunctional."

Breakdown Synonyms in Hindi With Meaning :

1. बिगड़ (Bigad) - किसी चीज़ में ख़राबी होना (To be spoiled or damaged)
2. टूट जाना (Toot jana) - टूटना (To break or shatter)
3. समस्या (Samsya) - दिक्कत (Problem or difficulty)
4. विघटन (Vighatan) - विघटित होना (To be obstructed or hindered)
5. असंगत (Asangat) - अनुचित (Inappropriate or unsuitable)
6. असमर्थ (Asamarth) - अक्षम (Incapable or unable)
7. बिगड़ जाना (Bigad jana) - बिगड़ना (To become chaotic or disorganized)
8. अवरुद्ध (Avaruddh) - रुका हुआ (Blocked or hindered)
9. विघटित (Vighatit) - बाधित (Affected or disturbed)
10. असुस्थ (Asusth) - बीमार (Sick or unwell)

Breakdown Synonyms in English with Meaning :

1. Failure - The lack of success or accomplishment in a task or objective.
2. Disruption - An interruption or disturbance that hinders normal functioning.
3. Malfunction - A failure or flaw that prevents something from working correctly.
4. Collapse - A sudden breakdown or failure of a system or structure.
5. Defect - An imperfection or flaw that affects the proper functioning of something.
6. Breakup - The disintegration or dissolution of a relationship or structure.
7. Disturbance - A disruption or interference causing disorder or agitation.
8. Disorder - A state of confusion or lack of order in a system or arrangement.
9. Interruption - A break or pause in a process or activity.
10. Crumble - To break or fall apart into small pieces or parts.

Breakdown Antonyms in Hindi with Meaning :

1. सुधार (Sudhar) - सही करना (To correct or fix)
2. समाधान (Samadhan) - हल (Solution or resolution)
3. सही होना (Sahi hona) - ठीक होना (To be right or fine)
4. बढ़ोतरी (Badhotri) - उन्नति (Improvement or progress)
5. संशोधन (Sanshodhan) - मरम्मत (Repair or restoration)
6. ठीक होना (Theek hona) - सुधार होना (To be fixed or improved)
7. संभालना (Sambhalna) - प्रबंधन करना (To manage or handle)
8. तिकाऊ (Tikaoo) - स्थिर (Stable or steady)
9. समर्थ (Samarth) - क्षमताशाली (Capable or competent)
10. निर्दोष (Nirdosh) - अदोष (Innocent or blameless)

Breakdown Antonyms In English With Meaning :

1. Improvement - The act of enhancing or making something better.
2. Solution - A way to resolve or address a problem or challenge.
3. Correctness - The state of being accurate or without errors.
4. Progress - The forward movement towards development or success.
5. Fixing - The act of repairing or restoring something to its proper state.

Breakdown Meaning With Hindi Examples :

1. मेरे कंप्यूटर में खराबी हो गई है, इसलिए मैं अपने प्रोजेक्ट को पूरा नहीं कर पा रहा हूँ।
2. बारिश के कारण सड़कों में खराबी हो गई है, इसलिए यात्रा रुक गई है।
3. उसके स्वास्थ्य में खराबी होने से वह काम पर नहीं जा सका।
4. इस उपाय से उसकी समस्या का समाधान हो गया।
5. उसने अपने प्रोजेक्ट को सही ढंग से पूरा कर लिया, इसलिए उसकी संख्या में बढ़ोतरी हुई।

Breakdown Meaning With English Examples :

1. There is a breakdown in my computer, so I cannot complete my project.
2. Due to the heavy rainfall, the roads experienced a breakdown, causing travel disruptions.
3. His health breakdown prevented him from going to work.
4. This solution fixed his problem.
5. He successfully completed his project, leading to progress in his performance.
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