Homophones Meaning in Hindi | Homophones Antonyms - Synonyms With Sentences

Homophones Meaning in Hindi

Homophones meaning in hindi : ऐसा शब्द जिनका उच्चारण तो समान है लेकिन अर्थ अलग-अलग हैं।

Homophones Meaning in English

Homophones meaning in english : "homophones" are words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings.

Homophones Synonyms in Hindi with English Meaning 

1. ध्वनिक समानार्थी (dhwanik samaanarthy) - phonetic synonym
2. शब्दांतर समानार्थी (shabdantar samaanarthy) - homographs
3. विकल्प शब्द (vikalp shabd) - alternative words
4. विदेशी शब्द (videshi shabd) - foreign words
5. उच्चारणी समानार्थी (uchchaarani samaanarthy) - homonyms
6. समतुल्य ध्वनि (samatulya dhvani) - identical sounds
7. ध्वनिमत समानार्थी (dhvanimat samaanarthy) - sound-alike synonyms
8. उपमा शब्द (upma shabd) - metaphorical words
9. संवादवाच्य (sanvadavachy) - dialogue words
10. वर्ण समानार्थी (varn samaanarthy) - homographs

Homophones Antonyms in Hindi with English Meaning 

1. असमानार्थी (asamaanarthy) - antonyms
2. विपरीतार्थक (vipareetaarthak) - antonyms
3. सामानार्थी (samaanarthy) - synonyms
4. अर्थविपरीत (arthavipareet) - antonyms
5. अर्थ समानार्थी (arth samaanarthy) - synonyms
6. विदेशी (videshi) - foreign
7. विपरीतार्थक शब्द (vipareetaarthak shabd) - antonymous words
8. विशिष्ट शब्द (vishisht shabd) - specific words
9. वाक्य समानार्थी (vaaky samaanarthy) - synonym sentences
10. असमानार्थक (asamaanarthak) - unrelated

Homophones Word Sentences And Meaning

1. बारे (bare) - Justified and a large place.
2. पढ़ना (padhna) - to read and to wear.
3. अभियान (abhiyan) - campaign and curtain.
4. दिल (dil) - heart and courage.
5. कलम (kalam) - pen and yesterday.
6. बनारसी (banarasi) - a person from Banaras and of silk material.
7. धन (dhan) - wealth and arrow.
8. पकड़ना (pakadna) - to hold and to be caught.
9. तार (taar) - wire and star.
10. कार (kaar) - car and doing.

Homophones Word Sentences

1. I want to buy a new pair of shoes. 
(pair and pear)
2. The sun sets in the west. 
(sun and son)
3. She has a big bear as a stuffed toy. 
(bear and bare)
4. They're going to their school. 
(they're, their, and there)
5. The knight fought bravely in the battle. 
(knight and night)
6. I need a break to relax. 
(break and brake)
7. I'll write a letter to my grandmother. 
(write and right)
8. The children will eat a piece of cake. 
(piece and peace)
9. The weather is too hot to handle. 
(weather and whether)
10. He saw a deer in the forest. 
(deer and dear)
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